Pacquiao vs Cotto Online Live Information

Geting ready to watch Pacquiao vs Cotto online free? Me too!

This isn't an easy pick for me as both fighters have advantages over eachother. Cotto has several technical advantages over Pac. Cotto's best punches are his jab, left hook to the head, and left hook to the body. All three punches are easier to land against southpaws, particularly the jab, which will be Cotto's more important weapon against Pac. If Cotto can apply his best punches well, he will able to slow down the faster guy. Another factor that might play into Cotto's favor is Pacquiao not having been a welterweight as long as Cotto has. I doubt Pacquiao will have a size disadvantage as both are similar in height and Pac has grown well into a 147er, but he has had only one fight at welterweight while Cotto has been fighting guys at that weight for years. I'm not sure Pac has carried his power up to welterweight and hasn't been tested by guy's who have Cotto's power.

Pacquiao on the other hand is, well..Pacquiao. Its hard to goes against a guy who's such a monster in the ring. The guy's blinding speed, his improved ability as tactician in the ring along with Freddy Roach in his corner makes this guy a formidable match for anybody at any weight. Pac seems to have grown comfortably into a junior welter/welterweight yet maintains most of his speed. His greatest weapons against Cotto in my opinion, are his tremendous workrate and his ability to maintain that pace through every minute of a fight.

I think I'm slightly leaning towards Pacquiao. Cotto has a tendency to fade in the later rounds and consequently his worst moments have been in the later rounds where he either lost rounds, or in his fight against Margarito, got knocked around silly. He also has somewhat of a habit of fighting defensively and going against the ropes when he shouldn't. I think Cotto's inferior workrate will cost him and when he grows weaker in the later rounds, Pacquiao will jump all over him. This is assuming Cotto won't slow down Pacquiao or even stop him with his superior power.

Just my opinion, it's still up the you. But I'm so going to watch Pacquiao vs Cotto live stream online! Enjoy!